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Our Vision

Is an Alberta free from Human Trafficking.

Our Mission

We will increase knowledge and awareness on human trafficking, advocate for effective rights-based responses, build capacity of all involved stakeholders, and lead and foster collaboration for joint action against human trafficking.

Our Values

1. We are human rights-based and victim-centred
2. We believe in collaboration
3. We stress diversity
4. We are evidence-based

Our Philosophy

ACT Alberta mobilizes stakeholders to identify and respond to human trafficking by:
1. Working to prevent human trafficking,
2. Ensuring adequate protection and support for trafficked persons,
3. Supporting the efficient prosecution of the criminals involved, and
4. Partnering in effective and collaborative ways

Alberta Chapters

ACT Alberta operates chapters across the province, each concerned with building local capacity to identify and respond to human trafficking. We currently have chapters in Edmonton and Calgary.

What We Do

ACT Alberta undertakes a variety of activities around education, advocacy, agency collaboration and victim assistance. These activities include:

  • Coordinating services for victims of human trafficking
  • Managing a Victims Assistance Fund
  • Training and educating service providers
  • Engaging and educating the public
  • Researching and collecting data on human trafficking
  • Helping develop policy provincially and nationally
  • Building capacity for community-based responses

We are a strong community with active members and participants. If you would like to support us, or learn more about ACT Alberta sign up for our newsletter.