Where We Came From

In 2007, Changing Together, A Centre for Immigrant Women┬áresponded to a growing concern about human trafficking in the community by conducting an environmental scan entitled “Trafficking of Women and Girls to Canada.” Healthcare providers, social service agencies, law enforcement bodies, immigration and settlement agencies and faith-based groups were consulted in the environmental scan and nearly half of respondents stated that they knew of specific human trafficking cases in the community. Respondents indicated a need for training and education on how to identify victims of trafficking, what victims’ most pressing needs are, and the state of existing legislation on human trafficking in Canada.

The environmental scan demonstrated an urgent need for more training and awareness on the issue of human trafficking in Alberta. A fledgling organization, the Alberta Coalition Against Human Trafficking (ACAHT), was soon formed in response to this demonstrated need. The Action Coalition on Human Trafficking (ACT Alberta) was created out of ACAHT in 2010. Since this time, ACT Alberta has been critical in advocating for the rights of victims of human trafficking and creating a network of service providing agencies who are able to respond to the needs of victims.