Celebrating Kate Price's work with ACT Alberta

June 11, 2024

The Board of Directors of the Action Coalition on Human Trafficking Alberta (ACT Alberta) announces the departure of its Executive Director, Kate Price, effective June 14, 2024.

Since January 2022, Kate has demonstrated exceptional leadership as the Executive Director through her commitment to combating human trafficking. Under her guidance, ACT Alberta has seen significant growth and development. “Kate Price’s leadership has been instrumental in our organization’s growth and success,” says Elise Usunier, Board President. “Her dedication, vision, and unwavering commitment have left a lasting impact on our team and mission. As we bid her farewell, we extend our deepest gratitude and wish her the very best in her future endeavours.”

In her next professional chapter, Kate is joining Informed Opinions as their incoming Executive Director, where she will support their national work to amplify the voices of women and gender-diverse people. ACT Alberta wishes Kate all the best on her next adventure!

During her tenure at ACT Alberta, Kate achieved several notable accomplishments:

- The organization experienced remarkable growth, with annual revenues increasing from $555K in 2022 to over $1.6M in 2024, thanks to municipal, provincial, and federal support, as well as generous donations from foundations and individuals across the province.

- In collaboration with the Board of Directors, Kate established ACT’s Strategic Plan for 2023-2026.

- Kate led a comprehensive update of ACT’s brand, mission, and values, reflecting the organization’s renewed focus and clarity of vision, along with its experience, expertise, and empathy.

- She deepened ACT’s commitment to professional impartiality, ensuring the continued provision of critical, judgement-free services to survivors of human trafficking.

- Kate secured two national research projects with Public Safety Canada to develop toolkits for frontline community workers supporting survivors of both labour and sex trafficking.

- She established a provincial Labour Trafficking Working Group, bringing together various agencies to support response services.

Through these and other milestones, ACT Alberta has reinvested in its mission to provide front-line services so that victims and survivors of human trafficking find their path to safety and have the skills and resources they need to live an independent and self-determined life free of exploitation.

Reflecting on her time at ACT Alberta, Kate said, “ACT Alberta is an incredible organization deeply committed to learning from survivors of human trafficking and providing front-line support services that meet their immediate and long-term needs. It’s been an honour to serve survivors of human trafficking and to work alongside an incomparable team of advocates, educators, and volunteers. Every day, they show up ready to drive collective action through respect and collaboration. At times, this work can be heartbreaking, but witnessing the resilience and strength of survivors has been the greatest privilege of my career.”  

Here is to continuing Kate’s excellent work, through introducing ACT’s new appointed Interim Executive Director

ACT Alberta’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Carey Collins has been appointed as the Interim Executive Director. Carey joined ACT Alberta in 2022 as a Communications Specialist and quickly transitioned to Manager of Community Engagement. She is a skilled communications strategist and education leader who seamlessly integrates her expertise in strategic communications, crisis communications, media, stakeholder, and community relations into her advocacy work.

Carey was instrumental in executing ACT’s brand update and designing and disseminating critical anti-trafficking awareness materials. This includes the #EliminateLanguageBarriers campaign, which provides translated materials to Canadian newcomers about their rights in Alberta. As part of this campaign, QR code stickers with access to materials about Temporary Foreign Worker rights and human trafficking information in multiple languages were created and widely disseminated, remaining in high demand today.

During this time of transition, Carey’s leadership and passion will ensure that ACT Alberta continues to learn, adapt, and invest in the future of survivors by giving them the help they need today.

Leaders International looking for the next Executive Director

ACT Alberta’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Leaders International will assist in the search for our new Executive Director. Renowned for their expertise in executive searches within the non-profit sector, Leaders International is well-equipped to help us find the right leader to carry forward our mission and build on Kate's exceptional work. We have a strong rapport with Ardyce Kouri and her talented team, who successfully recruited Kate Price in 2021.