Empowering Service Providers with Essential Knowledge of Human Trafficking

July 8, 2024

ACT Alberta is thrilled to launch our brand-new training, Human Trafficking 101: Service Provider Essentials. This online workshop offers service providers an opportunity to learn about the presence of human trafficking in Alberta and practice the skills necessary to respond to the needs of victims and survivors they may encounter in their roles.

Human Trafficking 101: Service Provider Essentials was developed by our education team, spear-headed by Maria Osiowy. “Our other trainings are more theory-based, whereas this training incorporates opportunities for applied learning,” Maria notes. “Participants learn and develop concrete skills, and then have the opportunity to practice those skills in a realistic way.”

This training is structured around a collection of interactive case studies that are tailored to different service sectors. The case studies have been carefully designed to simulate a real client experience with a focus on client care. “I consulted with our Victim Response team while building the training to get their input on what the sequence of events is when handling a case, and what the experience is like working with a real client.”

Participants will learn about their client’s background, personality, hobbies, experiences, and current situation. After learning more about their client, each participant will complete an intake, needs assessment, and referral form for them. This memorable applied learning experience provides service providers with the knowledge and skills to interact with potential victims and survivors of human trafficking. 

The latter portion of the training is aimed at increasing awareness about human trafficking in Alberta, and educating participants on types, indicators, vulnerabilities, and common experiences of human trafficking.  

This training will be offered every other month, with Human Trafficking 101: Community Member Essentials being offered in the alternating months. These two training courses complement each other, offering an introductory knowledge base about human trafficking in Alberta to two diverse groups. Human Trafficking 101: Community Member Essentials offers community members an introduction to the cornerstones of human trafficking in Alberta so they can learn about this issue, recognize indicators, and safely respond.  To learn more about the differences and similarities between these two trainings, check out the graphic below:

The inaugural Human Trafficking 101: Service Provider Essentials workshop takes place on Thursday, July 18th. You can register for the training and view other upcoming dates here.