ACT Alberta values the Government of Alberta’s continued commitment to end human trafficking in this province. Bill 8, Protecting Survivors of Human Trafficking Act, adopts the internationally recognized definition of human trafficking established in the Palermo Protocol. This Protocol has guided ACT Alberta’s work for over a decade in our fight to see human trafficking end in our province.

Human trafficking is an extreme human rights violation that impacts some of the most vulnerable people in our province. We see many cases of human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation and labour exploitation. The latter remains comparatively underserved in our province. Bill-8 is a step toward disrupting human trafficking activity and supporting individuals who have experienced human trafficking. It provides access to more tools including protective orders and torts. We look forward to working with partner organizations to ensure these tools are understood, effective, and accessible.

Because human trafficking remains largely underground, victims are often not identified, and convictions are rare. The new provincial Day of Human Trafficking on February 22nd, 2021, will to build awareness surrounding this local crime.

ACT Alberta is a leader in the anti-human trafficking response in our province through the work of prevention through education, developing evidence-based practices for partners, and assisting victims with access to justice. Effective response relies on the partnerships of government, municipalities, law enforcement, and NGOs to prevent this human rights abuse, protect victims, and prosecute traffickers.

– ACT Alberta Board of Directors