The Action Coalition on Human Trafficking Alberta congratulates the Government of Alberta on the implementation of the provincial Human Trafficking Task Force to be chaired by Paul Brandt. ACT Alberta is the longest serving anti-human trafficking organization in the province, and our work has been guided by The Palermo Protocol for over a decade in our fight to see human trafficking end in Alberta.

We see many cases of human trafficking for the purposes of labour exploitation. We appreciate that Premier Jason Kenney and The Ministry of Labour acknowledge the gaps in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program as hundreds of thousands of migrants access the this program to pursue opportunities in Canada. The current state of our Temporary Foreign Worker program creates opportunities for exploitation, resulting in a disproportionate number of workers experiencing human trafficking.

ACT Alberta is funded in part by the province, and is a leader in anti-human trafficking response through our work in prevention through education, developing evidence-based practices for partners, and assisting victims with access to justice. Effective response relies on the partnerships of government, municipalities, law enforcement, and NGOs to prevent this human rights abuse, protect victims, and prosecute traffickers.

ACT Alberta is an inclusive organisation that works with men and women, labour trafficking and sex trafficking, and domestic and international victims. The following statistics reflect only ACT Alberta’s referrals, keeping in mind that human trafficking cases are largely under-reported due to the clandestine nature of the crime:

  • 57.9% of the people ACT Alberta has worked with are Internal or Canadian citizens.
  • There is a disproportionate representation of Indigenous women and girls which would be 22% of those who have Canada as their country of origin as First Nations or Metis.
  • 41.6% of our clients are found to be Temporary Foreign Workers or international cases of human trafficking.
  • The remaining .5% are combined cases of internal and international trafficking, wherein someone has gained permanent residence or has expired status.
  • The average age ACT Alberta is assisting for females is 26 and males is 28.

ACT Alberta supports this coordinated, multidisciplinary approach. We need the expertise of many to end Human Trafficking here in Alberta.

The Action Coalition on Human Trafficking, May 19, 2020