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Calgary Community Action Plan on Human Trafficking

This project, funded by the City of Calgary Crime Prevention Investment Plan Fund, aims to improve the response to human trafficking by:

  • Building a comprehensive picture of the current human trafficking situation in Calgary, including the causes of human trafficking, and how these causes vary across diverse populations and the current response, through a Local Safety Audit;
  • Creating a realistic and evidence-based Community Action Plan to address the needs of trafficked individuals in Calgary based on the results of the Local Safety Audit;
  • Establishing and reinforcing existing relationships among our stakeholders and partners;
  • Reinforcing the commitment to combating human trafficking in Calgary;
  • Increasing awareness of human trafficking among stakeholders; and
  • Working to embed responses to this issue into other initiatives.

For more information about the Calgary Community Action Plan on Human Trafficking or to participate, please contact us.

Engaging Community: Addressing Sex Trafficking in Edmonton

In the fall of 2013, ACT Alberta received funding from Status of Women Canada to develop a Community Action Plan to prevent and reduce sex trafficking of women and girls in Edmonton. This project was also funded in part by the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

The project was divided into the following four phases:

  1. Conducting a community needs assessment
  2. Developing a Community Action Plan
  3. Implementing one priority item
  4. Evaluation

Labour Trafficking in Edmonton: Holding Tight to a Double-Edged Sword

In 2016, ACT Alberta received funding from Public Safety Canada and a donation from Tammy Johnson to undertake research into the intricacies of labour trafficking in Edmonton.

Through interviews and focus groups with local experts, criminal justice representatives, government officials, service providers and others, this study has produced a local body of knowledge on the realities of labour trafficking in Edmonton.

It found that the Temporary Foreign Worker Program is the primary vehicle by which labour trafficking occurs in Edmonton. Recruiters and employers manipulate this program and traffic workers both into and across Canada. Many businesses in Edmonton reap immense profits off the backs of victims of labour trafficking, who often work and live in deplorable conditions.

Intersections of Race, Class, and Gender in Human Trafficking in Alberta: An Environmental Scan

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Law Student Research

In 2014, under the supervison of Dr. Joanna Harrington, several University of Alberta law students worked on research projects for ACT Alberta. We are grateful to Dr. Joanna Harrington, the students who did this work, and the University of Alberta for their assistance.

Human Trafficking Awareness Videos

Watch our 3 part video series on human trafficking in Edmonton presented by Edmonton’s first lady Sarah Chan, Honorary Chair of ACT Alberta’s action plan.