Invest in the Future of Survivors

When you donate to The Survivors Fund, 100% of your donation goes to providing urgent needs or direct case management to our clients, bypassing any administrative costs. This includes critical needs (such as food, shelter, transportation, and trauma counseling), personal safety, and judgment-free support to navigate legal processes, file claims, seek residency, and report abusers – if the survivor chooses to.

The Survivors Fund ensures that victims and survivors of human trafficking find their path to safety and become the champion of their own stories. Invest in the future of survivors by giving them the help they need today.

Whether it’s a one-time donation or a monthly gift, your support will change someone’s life.

Our Goals

  • Urgency:
    ACT’s Survivors Fund is designed to meet the immediate needs of our clients so that our team can respond as quickly as possible. 
  • Personalized:
    Every story is different. Individuals who have experienced human trafficking have unique needs based on their own realities and trauma. The Survivors Fund gives ACT the flexibility to listen to each individual client and respond to their needs, whatever they may be. 
  • Transparency:
    It’s critical that our donors and supporters know exactly where their investment is going. ACT works with a strict gift policy and a professional, third-party auditor to ensure every cent invested in The Survivors Fund serves our clients.

Where Your Investment Goes

The Survivors Fund supports two things: direct client costs, and a percentage of the salaries for our accredited social workers (RSW, BSW) who provide specialized case management for victims and survivors of trafficking.

Examples of approved expenses include:

  • Gift cards for groceries 
  • Bus passes 
  • Flights/other transportation for clients fleeing or exiting
  • Urgent shelter in the form of a hotel or rented suite
  • Deposit for a long-term rental unit
  • Clothing, if in-kind donations are unavailable
  • Cost of permits/applications for residency
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After two years, I just couldn’t take it anymore… The police introduced me to ACT Alberta [and they] worked with me to get the services I needed, including support from a sexual assault centre and health care. After I decided I wanted to, they helped me with laying charges against my abuser. I couldn’t afford trauma counseling, although I was in desperate need of it, so ACT Alberta paid the fees so I could start healing. Although I know I have a long road ahead of me, I am finally working through my trauma and pain."

- ACT Alberta client and survivor of human trafficking