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Our vision is an Alberta free of human trafficking.

ACT Alberta works in collaboration with local, provincial and national partners to identify, respond to and prevent human trafficking.

We coordinate and provide services to individuals experiencing human trafficking, provide training and education, conduct research and data analysis and build capacity for community based response.

Become a partner in preventing human trafficking and protecting victims.

” The violence got worse as time went on. One day, the police found me sleeping in an alley after he locked me out of the apartment. I was visibly hurt and terrified. The police put me in touch with ACT Alberta. They helped me access supports like safe shelter and trauma therapy. They also arranged for me to get help with my addictions. I’m 22 now, and I’ve finally gotten my high school diploma. I still struggle with my addictions, but I’m enrolled in a social work program and feel like for the first time things might turn out okay. “

” They took my passport and worked me very hard. I eventually fell ill and they took me to a hospital. The Doctor was worried about my condition – I was young, pregnant, scared and couldn’t speak any English. The person who drove me to the hospital for my employer never left my side and answered everything on my behalf. The hospital staff believed something was very wrong and called the police. After many questions and an overnight at a safe shelter, I met with ACT Alberta. They were my advocate. They helped me apply for a Temporary Resident Permit and arranged for me to be supported while police investigated my employer and his massage clinic. Despite all of the supports I was getting, I felt isolated and longed for my family and my home. ACT Alberta helped pay for my way back home and I am working on moving forward with life again. “

” I didn’t know what to do or where to find help. One day I passed out on the job from fatigue and hunger. The nurse attending me was suspicious about my situation, and she connected me with ACT Alberta. With their help, I received an open work permit. They connected me to a free food service to get me on my feet and arranged for long-term safe housing for me. They supported me through this frightening time. I now have Permanent Resident status and am in the process of bringing my wife and two sons over from the Philippines. “

” After 2 years, I just couldn’t take it anymore. In a state of total fear, I escaped out the back door when everyone in the house was asleep. I found a public phone and called the police. They introduced me to the Victim Response Coordinator at ACT Alberta while they continued their investigation of the person who had abused me for so long. ACT Alberta worked with me to get the services I needed, including support from a sexual assault centre and health care. They helped me with laying charges against my abuser after I decided that I wanted to. I couldn’t afford trauma counselling although I was in desperate need of it, so ACT Alberta paid the fees so I could start healing. Although I know I have a long road ahead of me, I am finally working through my trauma and pain. “


Official Release of The Calgary Community Action Plan on Human Trafficking

After many months of engaging communities, organizations and stakeholders, ACT Alberta is delighted to announce the Launch of the Calgary Community Action Plan on Human Trafficking (CCAP). The full report is released and you can view it here.


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