Partnerships built on years of trust.

We’re all in this together. Human trafficking can’t be solved by any one organization. ACT Alberta advocates for collaboration, participates in knowledge-sharing collectives, and partners with individuals and agencies across the province for program delivery and client-care.

Trafficking is an incredibly complicated crime with unique challenges for victims. Agencies work together to coordinate services, enact system change, and develop partnerships. We support our partners' goals, build on each other’s strengths, and welcome all perspectives and expertise.

Meet Our Partners

Strong partnerships, open communication, and resource sharing are just some of the ways ACT builds community-based responses to trafficking.

Victim Services' Partnerships

ACT is a community-based Victim Services Unit (VSU) that supports victims and survivors of human trafficking in partnership with the RCMP, municipal police services, and other community-based service providers. Our team of accredited social workers (RSW, BSW) provide specialized case management to our clients, ensuring that they can safely escape their abuser and immediately find their path to safety. In addition to these services, we also refer clients out to other specialized service providers for wrap-around care, including housing, trauma counselling, and legal support.

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Here are a few of our current partners:

ACT Alberta is the recognized authority on identifying and directly supporting victims of human trafficking. Their collaboration with RCMP and numerous other stakeholders is vital to the Alberta law enforcement community’s ability to respond to this ongoing crisis.

– Cst. Mark MacDonald (Integrated Border Enforcement Team, Federal Policing South, RCMP)

Education Partnerships

The scope of trafficking in Alberta is wide and diverse. To address it, our team of educators work collaboratively, partnering with stakeholders including government and non-governmental agencies, law enforcement, health care providers, transportation hubs, community groups, and individuals. We trust the expertise of our partners to provide tailored training built on evidence-based practice. This includes law enforcement (such as the RCMP), regulatory agencies (such as the Temporary Foreign Workers Advisory Office), and other non-profit organizations whose work intersects with human trafficking.

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Some of our current partners include:

At Edmonton International Airport (YEG), safety and security are always our top priorities. We are proud to partner with ACT Alberta and the RCMP to provide human trafficking prevention training at our airport.

We have worked collaboratively to train more than 1,800 front-line employees inside the airport to identify and report suspected human trafficking. We are dedicated to ensuring we continue to be part of the solution by assisting and facilitating all initiatives to eliminate human trafficking at our airport.

- Edmonton International Airport