Education saves lives. There is a clear correlation between the number of outreach and education sessions we complete, and the number of client referrals we receive for our Pathways to Safety program. 

The First Defense program offers free resources supporting the prevention and disruption of human trafficking so you can stop the spread of human rights abuse in our province. ACT’s free educational programs are tailored for individuals, allies, companies, and front-line responders. This training equips participants with the tools needed to accurately identify instances of human trafficking, as well as how to safely respond.

While our training is available to anyone, we especially focus on health care workers, police, airport personnel and others who may encounter human trafficking survivors.

Building a community-based response to trafficking requires a network of people that have the knowledge and skills they need to safely (and independently) respond to instances of trafficking. ACT’s First Defense program meets people where they are and helps them understand what they can do to prevent the spread of human trafficking in Alberta.

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The importance of training is clear. Infrequent, inaccurate, or nonexistent training on human trafficking can have grave consequences when victims go unseen, unnoticed, and un-helped.

Human trafficking 101

This is a free 60-minute online webinar designed as an introductory training session for individuals with little to no knowledge about human trafficking.

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Specialized Training for Services Providers

Customized training sessions for front-line service providers, such as RCMP, Occupational Health & Safety, Edmonton International Airport, and others.

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Tailored Workshops for Groups

3-hour training sessions that empower groups and companies to understand their role in preventing human trafficking.

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I really appreciated hearing from a representative from ACT alberta and an RCMP Constable that had so much applicable experience.

i learned how to recognize human trafficking indicators and how to help Officers who investigate and manage files that have elements of human trafficking.

Participant, OHS & TFWAO Training

does your industry intersect with trafficking?

WE can teach your team what to do.

After over a decade of assisting victims and survivors of human trafficking, we have identified a wide array of industries/roles likely to come across trafficked people, such as: the agriculture and construction sectors, retail companies, restaurants, hotels, nail salons, the sex industry, immigration and employment recruiters, gas stations, churches, the public, health care providers, service providers, law enforcement, government, and lawyers. These are the people who, once trained, are the first defense against human trafficking.

How to Be Trauma-Informed

An 8-hour workshop developed in coordination with Dr. Kiara Mikita of Educational Development at the University of Calgary, Karyn Jackson of SafeLink Alberta's Shift program, and Joseph McGuire of Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA).



Our 3-hour Healthcare Training includes the following lectures: Annual Global Health Symposium with Faculty of Medicine students – University of Calgary; Annual lecture with Faculty of Medicine students – University of Alberta; Sexual Assault Response Team Training; Human Trafficking Training for ER Staff; and Human Trafficking Training for front-line workers in housing and health support.



Designed in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Farms Advisory, this training program covers topics related to labour trafficking in agriculture. This module provides information on what to look for, how to help, ethical hiring practices, and Foreign Worker Rights.


Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) + Temporary Foreign Workers Advisory Office (TFWAO)

ACT and RCMP have partnered with Alberta Employment Standards, Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) and Temporary Foreign Workers Advisory Office (TFWAO) to provide ongoing training to front-line officers and staff who are often the "go between" for a victim/survivor and potential supports.


Service Provider Training

Designed as a 2-3 hour presentation, this training provides specialized knowledge and skill building to service providers working with vulnerable populations. Target audiences may include those working with children and youth, foreign nationals and newcomers to Canada, persons with addictions and substance use concerns, persons with disabilities, houseless or displaced persons, former or currently incarcerated persons, sex workers, LGBTQ+ populations, and all those affected by gender-based violence.


Hosting an Info Table

Are you hosting an event that exhibits or promotes the work of organizations like ACT? We offer educational engagement opportunities at conferences, expositions, fundraisers, festivals and special events, and other functions as requested. Help us raise awareness in your community, today.


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