Guiding survivors to safety, RAISING AWARENESS ON HUMAN TRAFFICKING, and EDUCATING communities.

ACT Alberta is a provincial non-profit and registered charity that provides direct front-line services to victims and survivors of human trafficking. 

At ACT Alberta, our first goal is always to get victims and survivors of human trafficking on the path to safety. We also know that we can’t solve this problem alone: we raise public awareness and readiness so that our community can work together to reduce trafficking.

Since 2008, we have been one of the few nonprofit organizations in Alberta that provides front-line services to victims and survivors of both labour and sex trafficking.

In 2021 alone, we provided…


Direct supports to victims/survivors of human trafficking


Risk assessments completed for individual clients


Individual clients received safety planning to help exit their current situation


Participants attended over 33 tailored training sessions.

Victim Services

For Survivors

Led by our Victim Services Team, the Pathways to Safety program provides specialized case management to victims and survivors of human trafficking.  

ACT Alberta provides a path to safety through direct, front-line services for victims and survivors from all backgrounds, abilities, religions, sexual orientations, and genders. 

We help our clients find immediate protection, provide access to food, shelter, and trauma counselling, and provide guidance through complicated legal processes (like establishing permanent residency).

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Education + Outreach

For Everyone

ACT's First Defense program features a suite of training modules that grow public awareness of human trafficking.

This training teaches participants how to accurately identify instances of human trafficking, as well as how to safely respond. Using a trauma-informed lens, ACT shares evidence-based research and learnings from our clients.

Participants include: healthcare workers, RCMP, airport employees, and front-line workers from every industry. Programs are also available for individuals, allies, companies, and communities.


Research + partnerships

For Partnerships

Serving our community action needs, It Takes a Village is programming geared toward cross-agency partnerships and knowledge sharing.  

Our research and community action builds a space for community-based response to human trafficking.  

Since opening our doors in 2008, ACT Alberta has contributed to critical research and policy development across the province. We are also an avid advocate for sector-wide collaboration.

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