Partnership and collaboration; fundamental in the fight against human trafficking

June 26, 2023

Our team is made up of social workers, educators, fundraisers, and human rights advocates. We work tirelessly to assist victims and survivors of human trafficking, educate our communities, and discover and create new opportunities to advance the anti-human trafficking movement. Our jobs would not be possible if not for the collaboration and engagement of our community partners.

The sharing of knowledge, resources, skillsets, and experiences only enhances our knowledge in the sector and builds a solid foundation to provide valuable and necessary services to victims and survivors and educate our communities.

“Human trafficking is a community issue and requires community initiative. Through collaborations and partnerships, we can work together to strengthen the response to humantrafficking within Alberta.” – Joey Leslie, Manager of Victim Services, ACT Alberta

We are consistently looking for new opportunities and industries to educate people on the very real prevalence of this in our society and what we can all be doing to stop it. Being aware of what is happening in our communities is truly the first step.

We partner with healthcare providers, post-secondary institutions, social services agencies, government organizations, law enforcement, and more.

Our work with the RCMP and municipal law enforcement teams helps us better understand the trends that are emerging in local and provincial criminal activity, and we help them implement trauma-informed practices when working with survivors, as well as education on the nuances and complexities of the hidden nature of this crime.

“ACT Alberta has collaborated with RCMP and numerous other key stakeholders on the issue of human trafficking. Their work is vital to the Alberta law enforcement community’s ability to respond to this crime. We have received training from ACT Alberta and can account for an increased understanding in the nuances of human trafficking and how to better support the complex needs of our clients who are victims of this crime.” – Cst.Mark MacDonald, RCMP, Human Trafficking Coordinator for Federal Policing in Alberta.

If we work together, we can strengthen our collective impact, and more importantly, we can amplify survivor’s voices – the most important voices in truly understanding this crime.

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